How to Maintain Your Exercise Routine While Traveling

How to Maintain Your Exercise Routine While Traveling

If your profession requires you to travel, you are likely aware that attending uninterrupted meetings or conferences that last the whole day might leave you feeling weary and less inspired to participate in physical activity. The following exercises, which can be performed in even the smallest hotel gym or outside, may add some thrilling movement to your day when travelling for work or pleasure. This may help you overcome the symptoms of jet lag and the drain on your energies. The only equipment necessary for this workout is a bench, a set of dumbbells, and your own body weight.

How to Maintain Your Exercise Routine While Traveling

Before commencing any of the workouts outlined in this article, you should warm up for three to five minutes on your preferred cardiovascular equipment. If you do not have access to equipment, you should do two to three sets of 25 jumping jacks, 20 mountain climbers, 10 squats or lunges, and 10 arm circles in each direction.

Day 1: Full-body Flow

This workout regimen comprises of three to five repetitions of each exercise group (A, B, and C). Between each set of exercises in any of the three groups, there is no respite. After completing the tasks for group A, take a minimum one-minute rest before going on to groups B and C. Between each set, you should rest for thirty to sixty seconds.

Day 2:Workout for the Whole Body

Before moving on to the next exercise in the set, do as many repetitions of each exercise as possible in the 60 seconds given for that exercise. If it takes you less than one minute to complete all repetitions for a specific exercise, you should rest for thirty seconds before going on to the following exercise.

How to Maintain Your Exercise Routine While Traveling

After completing set A two or three times and pausing for one minute between each repetition, go to set B. Again, repeat set B two to three times, waiting one minute between each repetition. Choose a weight that allows you to accomplish the minimum number of repetitions in the range listed below without requiring a substantial amount of break between exercises.

Day 3:Choose Your Own Adventure Through the Wilderness

You do not need to be constrained to either your hotel room or the gym in order to create a custom-tailored exercise. Instead, you could ascend the hotel’s stairway or walk outdoors for some fresh air and exercise to increase your heart rate.

Additionally, you may try one of the following:

  • Get some fresh air by jogging, hiking, or strolling.
    Go dancing (take a dance lesson if you are visiting a location with a local dance scene).
    Have a good time at the local park (some even have fitness stations).
    Visit the neighborhood pool (or maybe your hotel has a pool). You may swim four to six laps with the freestyle stroke, then switch to your favorite stroke, such as the sidestroke or the backstroke, when you need to recover.
    Perform this procedure at least twice or thrice. You may walk up the stairs (or race up them), then return to the starting location by walking down the steps.

How to Maintain Your Exercise Routine While Traveling

If you visit a park, perform three to five minutes of cardiovascular exercise, such as brisk walking or a light jog, followed by three sets of body-weight exercises consisting of the following: twenty forward walking lunges (10 on each leg), twenty side shuffles in each direction, ten squats, and ten elevated push-ups from a park bench.

Keeping things simple and enjoyable is crucial for keeping an active lifestyle when travelling. Whatever you choose to do, as long as it includes some kind of physical activity, it will raise your energy and leave you feeling refreshed (and more alert if you are forced to spend the remainder of the day sitting in meetings).

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