Two Free-Weight Exercises for the Year 2021

Two Free-Weight Exercises for the Year 2021

You cannot leave the home to go to the gym, and the only workout equipment you have is a set of dumbbells. In addition, you have thirty minutes or less to finish a workout (including a warm-up), so what kind of exercises may you engage in.

There are many more of these than you may imagine. There are in reality an endless amount of permutations.

The two full-body workouts presented here enable you to concentrate on the key muscular groups of your body while requiring little equipment. You may perform these workouts a total of two to four times each week (two times each), but you should take at least one day off between each set of exercises.

Two Free-Weight Exercises for the Year 2021

In these workouts, the Reps in Reserve (RIR) concept is being used. Before completing a RIR set, you will perform a specified number of repetitions (reps), but you will also leave some in reserve, commonly known as “left in the tank.” If you only have access to a single set of dumbbells with a fixed weight, this approach will help you establish the appropriate amount of effort for each exercise.

Your objective for the first week of doing these exercises should be to get a RIR of 4. This suggests that the amount of weight you should be utilising should be such that you feel you could have completed at least four more repetitions after completing the set. Target a RIR of 3 in the second week, 2 in the third week, and 1 in the fourth week. Using this routine, you will be able to progress each week and increase the intensity of your effort.

Following each exercise is a series of instructions with the recommended amount of repetitions. You should attempt to work within this range of optimal repetitions for each exercise when calculating your RIR; however, the exact number of repetitions you do is totally dependent on your skills. Be aware that the upper limit of each repetition range is between 20 and 30 repetitions; this is done to reduce the probability of tiredness and overtraining.

Before doing any of these exercises, warm up for at least three to five minutes. You may do this by utilizing the cardio equipment of your choice (if accessible) or by walking or jogging outside, if available. You may either jog in place for one minute or complete two to three sets of the following exercises: five inchworms, five body-weight squats (to a comfortable depth), and five body-weight deadlifts. One minute of stationary jogging is a fantastic option.

Two Free-Weight Exercises for the Year 2021

A Total-Body Workout Called “The Dirty Seven” (Days 1 and 5)

Try to do as many repetitions of the following exercises as possible within 20 minutes:

  1. Dumbbell front squats (rep range of 10-20)
    Diagonal rise (5-20 reps per arm)
    Dumbbell swing (10-20 reps; while this exercise is traditionally done with kettlebells, it can be done with a dumbbell instead)
    Using dumbbells, execute lateral lunges (5-20 reps per side)
    Squats with dumbbells, then overhead presses (5-20 reps)
    Expansion in reverse (10-20 reps)
    Weighted bridge exercise done in an elevated posture (10-20 reps)
    Before commencing the following circuit, take between 30 and 60 seconds of rest.

Workouts for the Entire Body (Days 3 and 7)

In the allotted eight minutes, complete as many rounds of the following as possible:

  • Dumbbell single-leg single-arm Romanian deadlifts (8-20 repetitions per leg) (8-20 reps per leg)
    Alternating dumbbell front raises between sets (8-20 reps per arm)
    Alternating sets of dumbbell chest presses (8-20 reps per side)
    Before commencing the following circuit, take between 30 and 60 seconds of rest.

At the conclusion of the first eight minutes, take a two-minute rest, and then attempt to do as many repetitions of the following exercises in the remaining eight minutes:

  • Renegade rows (5-20 reps per arm)
    Lateral barbell lifts (8-20 reps)
    Alternating shoulder presses while sitting with each arm (8-20 reps per arm)
    Before commencing the following circuit, take between 30 and 60 seconds of rest.

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym every week to maintain your overall strength and fitness; all you need is some form of muscular tension. This is something to keep in mind when you have limited time or resources, since it may be essential. Your body is unable to differentiate between the types of muscle tension induced by barbells, dumbbells, and resistance bands. Even if you just have access to a set of dumbbells, it is most essential to be active and adhere to your workout regimen.

Two Free-Weight Exercises for the Year 2021

This week, give these exercises a try, and then commit to doing them consistently over the following two to four weeks to notice your body’s response. As you advance in levels, you should aim for the lower RIR in order to properly test your limitations. After four weeks of doing these exercises, you should lower the number of repetitions in each set to four and subsequently increase them. This will aid you in making further advancements.

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