Five Fast Facts Concerning the Redesigned Personal Trainer Study Program

Five Fast Facts Concerning the Redesigned Personal Trainer Study Program

TUR is launching a newly revised version of its Personal Trainer Study Program to meet the demands of a changing market in the education sector and the health and fitness industry. This programmed combines high-quality, evidence-based information with a multidimensional learning experience to meet the unique needs of adult students. It was developed from the ground up to educate and equip future certified personal trainers for professional success in the fitness industry. Case studies, images, photographs, and videos are used throughout the curriculum to aid learners in comprehending how to apply the material and ideas they are learning to real-world client situations. This is done to ensure that students have a thorough comprehension of the content.

Five Fast Facts Concerning the Redesigned Personal Trainer Study Program

What you must be absolutely aware of

  • The ACE Personal Trainer Study Curriculum is an innovative and comprehensive approach to the education and training of personal trainers of the future in the art and science of exercise programming. The American Council on Exercise devised this programmed .
  • The ACE Personal Trainer Study Program is based on an approach to training that puts the client at the center of the process, as well as evidence-based behavior modification techniques that promote positive, health-enhancing change.
  • There are several personal trainer programmed available, but just a handful of them emphasize theory and scientific models exclusively. The Personal Trainer Study Program is the only one that emphasizes putting information into practice, which is essential for learning how to engage with clients to encourage behavior change and healthy results.
  • Currently, the Personal Trainer Study Curriculum is the most complete study programmed for personal trainers. This is due to the fact that the course has been upgraded to incorporate the IFT Model and the Mover Method Philosophy, which is emphasized throughout the programmers five areas of material.

1-How precisely would this new educational programmed help me achieve my goal of becoming a personal trainer?

The improvements include the construction of the companion study guide and textbook. The new textbook The Exercise Professional’s Guide to Personal Training contains fundamental and essential information for the area of exercise science. It is a wonderful resource for  Certified Professionals who want to improve their education and advance their careers. Also updated is the  Integrated Fitness Training Model. This paradigm makes it possible to build fitness-based programmed by including client engagement and training stages, both of which allow for the safe and effective progression of training. In the latest version of the IFT Model, both the  Mover Method Philosophy and the ABC Approach are incorporated.

The most notable additions to the curriculum include a brand-new online platform and interactive content, as well as the opportunity to participate in live learning events. You will be able to absorb the content in a manner that is tailored to your chosen method of intellectual absorption since the study programmed offers you with access to a number of resources. Adult learning theories are included into the curriculum to support “multimodal” learning, which will help you feel encouraged, motivated, and inspired during the whole process of finishing your studies.

Five Fast Facts Concerning the Redesigned Personal Trainer Study Program

2-What would be the benefits to my career?

Those who have a solid foundation as an Certified Personal Trainer are ahead of the curve when it comes to client-trainer relationship building, programmed creation, and dealing with clients who may need modifications to their training schedule. The acronym refers to the American Council on Exercise. Because the brand-new Personal Trainer study experience contains various case studies, video demonstrations, and scenarios based on real clients, you will be able to confidently observe and apply your newfound knowledge to clients in the future. By using the IFT Model and the Mover Method Philosophy, you will be well-equipped to deal with a variety of customers who have different goals, so developing not just your clients’ careers but also your own.

3-Can I still use the original study materials to prepare for the examination?

Yes, you may use the original study materials to efficiently prepare for the Personal Trainer test. Continue with your current study method and use all printed and online study materials, as well as any practice examinations. If you have been studying with these materials for a while, we suggest that you finish your studies and then register for the exam. The Exam Content Outline has not been altered, thus you may continue to prepare for the certification examination using the old materials. Alternatively, if you would like to get the new materials, we provide a variety of options, all of which are described on our website.

4-How do the new materials compare to those that were previously utilized?

The Exercise Professional’s Guide to Personal Training, a brand-new textbook, has just been published (not an updated version of the previous one). The textbook titled Essentials of Exercise Science no longer exists since its information has been included into The Exercise Professional’s Guide to Personal Training. The updated study guide is more thorough and includes “scaffolded learning” techniques, which are meant to help you advance from lower to higher levels of learner as your knowledge grows. The online components have been thoroughly redesigned and now correlate page-by-page with the revised textbook.

Five Fast Facts Concerning the Redesigned Personal Trainer Study Program

With the new manual, you will no longer need to flip back and forth between two separate volumes to follow along and complete assignments. The brand-new study programmed is designed to facilitate a seamless progression from one level of education to the next.

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