These Are the Summer of 2020's Top Mobile Fitness Apps

These Are the Summer of 2020’s Top Mobile Fitness Apps

COVID-19 has brought additional difficulties when it comes to getting in a thorough workout, which may be the case for you as it was for me. We are fortunate to have access to a choice of fitness apps that may help us achieve our health and wellness objectives.

These Are the Summer of 2020's Top Mobile Fitness Apps

The challenge now is how to find the application that best meets your requirements. You may use the same criteria that I use to evaluate apps in my role as Senior Advisor for Fitness Technology at TUR. Use the checklist in addition to confirming reputable websites such as the Healthy Living blog.

The Five Most Important Considerations for Fitness Apps

  1. Price usefulness
  2. Setting Objectives and Interacting with Others
  3. Science-based

The last thing you need is another reason not to exercise, so if the price is too high, if it is too complicated to use, if it doesn’t help you with goal setting or connect you with your social networks for those very important virtual “high-fives” (socially distanced-approved, of course), or if it is not based on sound exercise science, I suggest you look elsewhere.

With COVID-19’s difficulties in mind, this evaluation will focus on three subtopics: music, physical exercise, and mindfulness.


Finding a high-quality fitness software that may temporarily replace your gym sessions may be difficult. I have a hunch that some of these applications may not adhere to the right exercise science when advising users on how to exercise. I will listen to the advice of an ACE Certified Professional rather than that of anybody else.

Nonetheless, one of the ones I’ve researched is called the 7-Minute Workout. It is an easy-to-use workout programmed that costs just $2.99 per month and is connected with Apple Health. The user may create a personalized workout using the app, or an ACE-certified personal trainer may create one for them. However, the application does not provide social sharing for virtual high fives.

These Are the Summer of 2020's Top Mobile Fitness Apps

The Fit On app is a video-based fitness programmed that can be downloaded for free (with the Pro version available for $19.99 a year through in-app purchase). Users may attach a heart-rate monitor that shows their statistics on the video screen, and the design is clear and user-friendly. Additionally, there is a global leaderboard that enables players to compete in real time against their friends, which is a wonderful touch. The notable aspect of the virtual sharing function is that it allows the user to take a snapshot at the conclusion of the exercise and then share it through Instagram, Facebook, or SMS. Similar to the 7 Minute Workout, it may be difficult to identify whether the instructors possess the required credentials.


If nothing else, COVID-19 served to remind me of the need of prioritizing the mindful element of my overall health by setting aside time each day to focus on it. I often use the programmed Calm and Headspace. Calm’s motto Find Your Calm, Sleep More, Stress Less, and Live Better resonates with me. It reads, “Retain Your Calm.” You may read on their website about the research that went into the development of the Calm app, and they give access to a number of free content. I play their Sleep Stories on Amazon Alexa, and I listen to their tranquil channel on Sirius while I work. Each helps me fall asleep. There are both monthly and annual subscription options available.

These Are the Summer of 2020's Top Mobile Fitness Apps

The Headspace app is promoted as “your guide to everyday mindfulness in only a few minutes each day.” [Bibliography required] Headspace is an app that provides guided meditation, is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, and includes a website dedicated to the science behind the programmed. At the time this article was published, Headspace offered complimentary memberships to those who had just lost their employment. For further details, please visit their website.

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